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At work recently we needed to test something with Active Directory integration. We only need it occasionally, so sounds like a perfect fit for Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services, right? Little did I know… -_-

I initially signed up a few weeks ago with my work email on the free trial to see if it was right for our needs. After a couple weeks of testing, it seemed like a good fit, so it was time to sign up with a more permanent account using our hostmaster email. That way our ops guy could also sign in to manage the account, and we could tie it to a company credit card, and all that other stuff. And that’s when everything started to go wrong.

They asked for a bunch of information that doesn’t apply for a company account. Gender, date of birth, zip code, etc. I know, I’ll put in information for our company! Birth date will be the date our company was founded! Haha, pretty clever, right? Nope.

“Account already exists.” Which they couldn’t be bothered to tell me the last 2 times I submitted the form without filling out other required information. Which they didn’t indicate was required until I tried submitting the form. And which they indicated with a line of text in between two fields, making it unclear which field is actually required. Alright, fine. I’ve never created a Microsoft account with our hostmaster email, and our ops guy says he hasn’t either, but maybe one of us did and we forgot. Okay, let’s reset the password. I click the reset password link sent to the hostmaster account and it seems to work.

“Verify child account.” So I guess the account creation process I just went through actually created the account? But since our company is less than 13 years old, I need a parent’s permission to use Microsoft services. And there’s no way to change your birth date. Which I guess is fair to prevent actual kids from circumventing the age check. Fine, I guess I’ll sign in with my original work email account so I can be a “parent” to our company account.

“Enter credit card information.” Because that’s the only way that Microsoft verifies that you’re over 18. Okay, I guess. The whole reason I’m creating this account in the first place is so I can use a company credit card instead of my personal one, but whatever.

“We will bill your credit card $.50.” WTF. In the grand scheme of things 50 cents is nothing, but after all that other hassle this is just adding insult to injury. Argh. There seems to be no way back now, so I soldier on.

After I hit ‘charge’, I realize that since our company account now apparently belongs to a 3rd grader, I probably won’t be able to enter a different credit card. And the company’s account may now be permanently tied to my work email account. Fuck. Well, let’s at least sign back in with the company account and see if we can change that.

Oops, can’t. Microsoft bounces you between so many different domains for account management that my password manager won’t autofill the password. Fine, I’ll go into 1Password and add all their different domains:,,,, etc. Go.

“We don’t recognize this user ID or password.” Okay fine, the account sign up process was a mess, maybe I saved the wrong password in my password manager. Let’s reset it again.

“Account does not exist.”

What. The. Fuck.

After an hour of back and forth round trips between email and browser, and having to give up my personal credit card information, and being charged 50 cents for this privilege, I have no idea if any of that did anything. Fucking Microsoft.

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