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I’m listening to my Pimsleur Japanese tapes again to keep up on my pronunciation, and it’s kind of hilarious and sad. In the lessons, “you”, presumably a white guy learning Japanese, practice having conversations with a Japanese person. The tapes tell what you say in English, and you’re supposed to say it in Japanese to practice the lessons. The current lesson deals with time and the negative form, so here’s the conversation in English:

White guy: Ms. Satou, would you like to drink something?
Japanese girl: Not Satou. Tanaka.
White guy: Sorry, Ms. Tanaka. But would you like to drink something with me?
Japanese girl: No, thank you. Not now. And not later.
White guy: But at 1 o’clock, okay?
Japanese girl: Not okay.
White guy: At 2 o’clock?
Japanese girl: No.
White guy: Later, at 8 o’clock.
Japanese girl: No.
White guy: Or, at 9 o’clock?
Japanese girl: No, no.
White guy: At what time?
Japanese girl: No, I don’t want to drink with you.
White guy: Ah, I understand now.
Japanese girl: Ah, you understand now, don’t you?
White guy: Ah, you don’t want to drink with me, do you? But you would like to eat with me, right? In a restaurant. 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock?
Japanese girl: Not 1 o’clock, not 2 o’clock. Not 8 o’clock, not 9 o’clock.
White guy: At what time?
Japanese girl: You don’t understand.
White guy: What don’t I understand?
Japanese girl: You don’t understand Japanese.



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