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I decided to get an external battery pack for my iPhone recently. I didn’t know which capacity of battery to get, so I started researching prices, capacities, and efficiencies.

The main thing you need to know is that external batteries have an efficiency of 65-70% when charging off them. iPhone batteries range from 1150 – 1440 mAh. So you need about 2200 mAh of external battery for each full iPhone charge.

I got a Griffin USB Reserve Power, which has 950 mAh and claims to charge an iPhone 3GS (1219 mAh) to 50%, giving 64% efficiency. Thus I can expect it to charge my iPhone 5 (1440 mAh) to 42%, which it hits on the nose.

This PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case has a 2100 mAh battery and claims to charge the iPhone 4 (1420 mAh) and iPhone 4S (1432 mAh) to 100%, which would give it 67-68% efficiency.

The Just Mobile Gum is 2200 mAh and claims to charge your iPhone to 90%. Assuming an iPhone 5, that’s 59% efficiency.

And finally, the Mophie Juice Pack Boost is 2000 mAh and claims to charge your iPhone to 100%. Assuming an iPhone 4, that’s 71% efficiency.

In summary:

  • 65 – 70% typical efficiency
  • ~2200 mAh in external battery for each full iPhone charge

iPhone internal battery capacities:

  • iPhone: 1400 mAh
  • iPhone 3G: 1150 mAh
  • iPhone 3GS: 1250 mAh
  • iPhone 4: 1420 mAh
  • iPhone 4S: 1432 mAh
  • iPhone 5: 1440 mAh

I spent the day at work today rearranging the icons on my iPhone. After work I downloaded a bunch of new apps and got addicted to reading BBC news and best of Craigslist. It was a productive day.


Everyone’s talking about the report last week from the NPD group that says 30% of new iPhone customers in the US switched carriers, compared to 23% of all US customers during the same period. The report also says that of the switchers:

  • 47% came from Verizon
  • 24% came from T-Mobile
  • 19 % came from Sprint

Most people are pointing out that Verizon must be hurting from this. But if you compare current US market share, it’s actually T-Mobile that’s hurting the most. According to Wikipedia’s article on the list of United States wireless communications service providers and CTIA, current US market share is:

  • 72.9 million AT&T
  • 69.3 million Verizon
  • 51.9 million Sprint
  • 31.5 million T-Mobile
  • 266.1 million total

There are 193.2 million potential switchers to AT&T. If the switchers were evenly distributed based on current market share, this comes out to be:

  • 36% Verizon
  • 27% Sprint
  • 16% T-Mobile

Verizon is hemorrhaging customers at a 30% higher rate due to the iPhone, and T-Mobile is losing them at a 50% higher rate. Ouch.


The Obama ’08 iPhone app is surprisingly well designed. Graphics are good, layout is logical, and it’s useful too. One nitpick: news toggles between two grouped buttons labeled “National” and “Local”, and there’s a button next to local that initially says “State”. When you click on local, you choose your state, and this button changes to the name of your state. But when you first open the app, it looks like you can choose between national, local (city/county), and state news, but for some reason the state button is not grouped with the others, and not placed between the other two. The two grouped buttons should be labeled “National” and “State”, and the button that tells you your currently selected state should be hidden until a state is chosen.


I downloaded a Chinese ebook reader on my iPhone, and it looks absolutely horrid. I don’t know if this program just chose to use a font that’s not available on the iPhone, or all Chinese iPhone fonts in general, but it’s all over the place. Some characters are larger than others, some are bold and some are not, but it’s definitely not the same font being used for each character. Now, Chinese typography is pretty hard to begin with, what with 10,000+ glyphs and all, versus a typical Latin font set with maybe 100 glyphs. Even if it’s the program’s fault for choosing a font that’s not available, the iPhone should at least choose the same font for characters in the same field.


Why do iPhone apps look different everywhere? The name that shows up on my iPhone under the app’s icon is different from the name that shows up under the applications tab in iTunes, which is different from the name that the app calls itself when it opens…

The icons are different too. It’s annoying when I decide I’m done with an app and try to delete it in iTunes, but I can’t find it because it’s in a different place alphabetically and with a different icon than on my phone. 101 apps is a lot.


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