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I don’t understand why everyone thinks Gmail is so awesome. Their website doesn’t work with standard browser forward/back buttons and is ugly, they won’t let you turn off their spam filtering, and their IMAP implementation is something I’d expect from Microsoft.

There’s no way to turn off Gmail’s spam filtering, which I don’t trust, and everything is always kept on the server. This means any spam I get in my Gmail account doesn’t actually get marked as spam by Apple Mail until after I open up the message and wait for each individual one to download, which I have to do because it’s shuffled off to the server-side spam folder before my desktop client ever gets a chance to see it.

I use Apple Mail so I can have access to my mail offline, search faster, and access all my accounts in one place. I have filters to flag all incoming email so I can unflag them when I’ve read it. This means for Gmail, every single message I get shows up in triplicate: in the inbox, all mail, and starred folders. When I move messages out of my inbox and into local folders or try to delete it, Gmail still keeps track of them. (Where exactly do messages go when they’re no longer in the inbox? Why are they still in All Mail?) So I can either move messages out of my inbox and keep having three copies (one local, two on the server), or delete it three separate times to get rid of it permanently. Because Gmail makes you keep sent mail on the server, every time I get a new message in Gmail, it downloads ALL my sent mail again. This also means that every single new message in Gmail sets off a torrent of 20-40 Growl alerts for old emails that I sent years ago.

I hate how Google keeps sticking their fingers in every single pie and doing a piss-poor job of it while everyone thinks they’re awesome. This is exactly the reason I hated Microsoft for so many years: because the quality of their products was so overwhelmingly mediocre-to-poor and everyone thought they were amazing.

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