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Review: Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram

Posted on: August 23, 2016

I wrote this up on because I was so angry about this product, but I know Sephora has a history of removing negative reviews, so I thought I’d also post it here:

Got a mini of this in Latergram in my Sephora Play box. There’s not a single redeeming quality about this lip liner.

It’s a mechanical pencil, but it’s only one-way. So if you extend it too much, you can’t retract it and you’re out of luck.

The color payoff is abysmal. To get any pigment, I had to basically stab myself in the lips. At which point the tip kept breaking off because the product was so dry and brittle.

If you mess up and go outside your lip line even a little (which is easy to do because you have to press so hard), it’s impossible to clean off, so you have to overline the other side of your lips to even it out.

After I wasted half the product and got some color on my lips, it made my lips suuuuper dry and uncomfortable and dead skin flaked off ALL. DAY. LONG. I looked like I’d been dying of thirst in a desert for a month. And of course the color clung to the dead flakey skin so it looked all patchy.

And despite being so hard to wipe off when you mess up, it still didn’t last at all on my lips. Which is actually a good thing because the “mauve” is actually more straight up brown.

Do I even need to mention the stupid shade name that has nothing to do with anything? It just makes Tarte look like the aging mom that is trying WAY too hard to be hip and being completely clueless about it.

Terrible formula, terrible longevity, terrible packaging, terrible color, terrible name: this is a terrible product all around.

0/10, do not recommend


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