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Today I had planned on staying in bed, watching TV shows, and generally being a vegetable. But then M said he was going to go out and get some stroopwafel. After I found out what it was, I decided that I had to get some too. So I went to World Market and got some, along with a bunch of other chocolate and candy. I couldn’t wait to eat them so I sat in the parking lot in my car – not even bothering to close the door after myself. I peeled open the top of the package: it opened like a flower. Their shape and smell were exactly as I imagined. I picked one up delicately out of the package. It was hard with a little bit of give. I traced its indentations with my fingertips, and tried to line up the top and bottom layers. I took a bite. It was cold, having sat on a store shelf for probably weeks, but I could imagine its taste warm – a hard little butter waffle cookie, freshly pressed from the iron, then split open and slathered with caramel sauce. I pictured myself pressing the two halves together. One bite, then two. Chewy and sweet. I imagined myself on a street corner in Holland, buying two from a vendor with a well worn stand. And then the cookie was gone. I looked in my bag, full of other goodies and delights, but they seemed so unimportant and far away. I wanted another stroopwafel. I grabbed another one from the bag. I ate this one more slowly, feeling the sweet caramel on my tongue, and the hard little waffle indentations. I chewed slowly, the sweetness was overpowering but I loved it in my mouth. Down to the last bite now: I bent the cookie with my fingers and pulled the two halves apart slowly, watching the crumbs catch and stretch in the caramel. Last bite. And I was done. I wallowed in the sugar and sweetness and lightly pouding headache as I leaned back in my seat. Before me cars were passing on a busy street, framed by falling leaves, but they may have been a million miles away. I was in Holland. I was on my own, in my car, buying a bag full of candy with no nutritional value and no one was going to stop me. It was a warm fall day in a place that has a fall and everyone was happy. I could do whatever I wanted with my day.

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