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I’ve had tethering on my iPhone for almost a month now. It’s actually a lot better and a lot worse than I thought it would be. I thought reception would be kind of horrific, and it’s merely rather bad. I thought there would be a lot more hassle connecting things to the wifi, but all my devices remember and connect automatically.

Personal hotspot for the iPad is kind of terrible though. There is most definitely still a reason to get a 3G iPad. The iPad is designed for quickly sleeping and waking. With built in 3G, as soon as you hit the home or unlock button, even before you’ve actually unlocked the device, it starts connecting to the Internet, so by the time you’ve unlocked, you’re already online. With personal hotspot though, it forgets the wifi connection when you go to sleep, so you have to wake the iPad, bring up the personal hotspot panel on the iPhone, and wait a few seconds for it to connect. It’s not a long time, but the added steps definitely makes it hard to go back and forth between doing iPhone things and iPad things. I’m kind of surprised Steve Jobs let this ship. It’s exactly the kind of experience that makes Android so horrific.

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