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TextWrangler with piping!

Posted on: February 8, 2011

I hate all pagers: more, less, pg, the whole lot. I can’t read fixed width fonts for that long without my eyes bleeding and my soul crying. Plus:

  • no scroll wheel
  • no copy pasting long sections
  • search is horrendous
  • etc. etc.

So, next step? Pipe to local TextWrangler, of course!

function edit {
  if [[ $1 ]]
    if [[ ${1:0:1} = "/" ]]
  ssh -p 10022 local_user_name@localhost "edit $command"

And the single line version:

function edit { command=""; if [[ $1 ]]; then if [[ ${1:0:1} = "/" ]]; then abs_path="$1"; else abs_path="`pwd`/$1"; fi; command="sftp://remote_user_name@remote_host/$abs_path"; fi; ssh -p 10022 local_user_name@localhost "edit $command"; }

Now these all work:

edit file_in_this_directory.txt
edit /absolute/path/to/file.txt
man ls | edit

1 Response to "TextWrangler with piping!"

I love more. :-D Okay, not really. I’m just trying to say that I don’t need this per se, but it’s a cool looking hack. I’m saving this for future reference if I ever need to do something like this. Yay thanks!

And I read fixed-width font all day (in LaTeX). I can’t imagine a world where I have to use variable width. That would make me cry. :-P

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