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I felt like pasta last night, so I asked Google Maps what’s near me. Pizzeria Venti looked good, so we went there. Pretty much everything went wrong.

For two people, we got a single copy of the menu and 2 copies of the specials. No one came by to take our drink order. When our waiter finally comes to take our order, he waits until we finish ordering and then pulls out his notepad, so we have to repeat our order.

We get our cokes and garlic bread. There’s no napkins or utensils, so we get to sit there with greasy fingers. The kicker comes when I’m supposed to get my entree. I ordered linguine with mussels, and apparently the lady at the table next to ours also ordered some kind of pasta and seafood dish. Our waiter gave my dish to hers by mistake, and she had started eating it. He came back with her correct dish, then immediately tried to give her partially eaten disk to me. I’m like, what? And our waiter tries to convince me that because “she only started eating the mussels”, it’s all okay and I should just eat it. Finally I just want to leave and go to a different restaurant, so I ask for our check.

Five minutes later he comes back and can’t remember what we asked for. I tell him again. We can’t even storm out of there quickly because the service is so bad.

We ended up going to Pasta Pomodoro instead. It was frickin amazing compared to Pizzeria Venti.

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