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But probably not in the right way.

When you burn a candle for the first time, you’re supposed to let the pool of wax get to the edges before you blow it out. Otherwise on subsequent relights, it won’t go any farther and it ends up “tunneling” down the center of the wax.

Of course most candles suck and are poorly made, so I feel like I have to help them along. I poke at it with an unbent paper clip so that it burns evenly. If the wick is leaning off to one side, I try to center it. If the pool of wax isn’t reaching the edges, I stab the edges until they bend inwards enough to melt. If that’s still not enough, I heat up the paper clip in the flame and shave off edge pieces to dump in the center.

Sometimes I use the paper clip as a second wick. When you get a little drop of wax hanging off the tip, you can light it with the candle flame. Some of the wax vaporizes and travels up towards the cooler bits of the paper clip, where it recondenses into a drop. When the flame at the tip goes out, you can tilt it so the recondensed drop falls to the tip. And if you do it just right, the residual heat spontaneously relights the drop. Fooomph!

  • 1 packet ramen, discard flavoring packet
  • 1 egg
  • 1 hot dog, sliced
  • 1 handful assorted frozen vegetables
  • 1 cube pho flavoring
  • water


Same as the last one, but with Reese’s Puff cereal pieces smushed in between.
With a side of Ding Dong.
And a frosted cupcake.

Two Eggo chocolate chip waffles, toasted.
One smeared with Nutella.
One smeared with marshmallow fluff.
Topped off with a Trader Joe’s coffee latte & cream ice cream bar.

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