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I played with an iPad this morning. I groped it for about an hour, trying out Apple’s new apps, both built in and downloadable.

I was surprised by how extensively the pinch gesture means “back” now. If you have a photo open, you pinch to go back to the album. If you have an album open, you pinch to go back to the list of albums. If you’re looking at the large album view in the iPod app, you pinch to go back to the iTunes view.

When I started a presentation playing in Keynote and couldn’t figure out how to stop it, I tried to pinch to go back. Turns out it’s double tap. Otherwise, the pinch gesture is completely intuitive and fairly widespread.

Every medium has its conventions, converged on after years of trial and feedback. For desktops there’s WIMP. Even the wild west of the web has started solidifying some conventions. But the real excitement is watching Apple create new conventions in a new medium.