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My job so far:
Month 1: Learn the two languages needed to write our product’s back end. Never use it again.
Month 2: Learn a crappy pseudolanguage to write automated test scripts. Write awkwardly structured scripts because it’s not a real language.
Month 3: Learn Java because it’s a Real Language and somehow that will fix everything. Translate the scripts from the pseudolanguage because that should be fast. Translate the awkward structure as well to save time.
Month 4 (now): Rewrite everything to take adantage of the fact that we’re using an actual programming language, with completely different logic and structure. Discard everything written up until now.

So I’m pretty much where I was three months ago, with no scripts written and three more languages under my belt that I will never use again.

On the other hand, learning is awesome and if I actually rewrite everything this time, there will be no more suck going forward. Except for Java.