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I hate stupid ugly Twitterrific and its stupid ugly face

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Twitterrific is named after “terrific”, fine. But it’s a completely horrible un-terrific name and makes me think for 5 minutes every time I try to spell it. Terrific’s key consonants follow an alternating single-double-single pattern: t-rr-f. So does Twitter: t(w)-tt-r. Twitterrific doubles the t in terrific. So the corresponding alternating pattern would be double-single-double: twitteriffic. But that’s not how you spell terrific. Twitterrific’s key consonants are single-double-double-single: t(w)-tt-rr-f. Why would you do that do my muscle memory? Why would you make me think for 5 extra minutes and waste my time every time I want to write your name? I am angry that Twitterrific tries to be just a little too clever and ends up being not clever enough.

I hate everything else about Twitterrific now too. I hate how it doesn’t look or behave like a Mac app. I hate how it always copies the wrong thing (making me think about it). I hate how it goes to the person’s website instead of their Twitter page when I hit the right arrow key. I hate how there aren’t keyboard shortcuts for the things I want to do. And most of all, I hate how it logs you out of Twitter in the web browser, making you ever more dependent on it and its stupid ugly face.

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