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AppleScript ♥ iTunes podcasts ♥ improvement!

Posted on: March 12, 2009

I realized that the other solution was less than ideal. Every time I downloaded a new podcast or listened to an old one, all the tracks would change, and they would all have to be recopied to my iPhone. So! New! Improved! AppleScripting!

tell application "iTunes"
my setTrack("Mac OS Ken", 1)
my setTrack([Apple podcast 1], 2)
my setTrack([Apple podcast 2], 2)
my setTrack([Trivia podcast n-1], 8)
my setTrack([Trivia podcast n], 8)
end tell

on setTrack(theTitle, trackCount)
tell application "iTunes"
set trackList to (every track in playlist "(Podcasts)" whose album is theTitle)
repeat with aTrack in trackList
set track number of aTrack to trackCount
end repeat
end tell
end setTrack

Every category of podcast gets the same priority, and this makes it a lot easier to read and modify. Win!

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