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Give up and use tables, if you’re dumb and don’t know CSS

Posted on: March 10, 2009

I am angry at this whole movement to give up on CSS and “just use tables.”

They peg the maximum amount of time you should spend on making a layout work in CSS at 47 minutes. Um, hello? How many CSS properties are there that even deal with positioning? display, position, float. Three. If you want to count everything that even has a marginal effect on positioning, you can throw in clear, top, left, right, bottom, height, width, margin, border, and padding. But the values for these properties will be self evident from the way you decide to position your elements.

When it comes down to it, there’s basically only 3 properties you can mess around with to position things with CSS. 47 minutes to dick around with 3 properties? The only reason it should take even close to that long is if you don’t know what CSS is and you have to read the two sections of the spec that deal with positioning: 9 Visual formatting model and 10 Visual formatting model details. Even then you should have time to read those sections, dick around with those properties for a while, and still have plenty of time to spare before the 47 minutes are up.

Seriously. If you can’t figure out how to position things in CSS without tables, you need to learn CSS.

1 Response to "Give up and use tables, if you’re dumb and don’t know CSS"

I dick around with my CSS a heck of a lot longer than that, especially on complex designs.

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