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Internet dream

Posted on: February 21, 2009

I dreamed I was visiting a friend, and he already had a friend over. We went to get dinner together, but he wasn’t really hungry so we ended up going to a bar. He ordered the special, which was some kind of sangria-type drink with bits of fruit chunks, served in a martini glass, and a giant several-pound apple as its crowning glory. For some reason, I drank mine, even though my body has pretty much no tolerance for alcohol. As soon as I finished it I started to regret it, as I was headachey and could no longer see straight. I managed to stumble out of the bar as we were leaving, and kind of wandered off. My friend turned out to be “sort of on a date” with the other girl, and the second he blinked and turned around, I disappeared. I wandered through the streets, no real idea of where I was going. I was too far from home to make it back on foot, but I felt like I should make an effort anyway. I passed by an Emo Hut, which is kind of like a Poetry Hut with people hanging around outside with guitars and generally trying to look depressed. I think a few men approached me trying to take advantage of me, but I managed to stumble away from them. After several… hours? I saw another friend at a major intersection waiting to cross the street. Ecstatic at finally having found someone who could help me, I stumbled over to him and hugged him tightly. At that moment, my calculus teacher from high school walked through a door. He saw us, mumbled “shit” to himself, and turned around and drove away. We followed him, and he met up with two of my last exes and the friend I was visiting at the beginning of the dream. Apparently he had reported me missing and it had become major internet news.

My friend from the intersection took me home, and the floorboards were full of thieves trying to rob us. I hid in the attic until they went away, and then I became a meek schoolteacher with a 7 year old daughter who about to start a new school year. At the end of my first day, I was lying in bed with my husband (boyfriend?) sleeping beside me, and my best friend came over. We lay around in bed beside my husband/boyfriend for a while talking about the upcoming school year. I think at various points during the conversation I fell in love with my friend and we plotted leaving my husband to run away together and become the Best Lesbian Couple ever. But then an ex showed up to school the next day on a motorcycle and my daughter had to lead the Children’s March ceremony.

I don’t think the dream really ended in any way. Or at least, I can’t remember it.

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