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Disqus sucks

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Leyan made me try out Disqus for my tumblog. It’s a comment system that you can integrate with your blog, and it sucks.

First, everything is huge, which makes me feel like I’m back in 1998 on a 800×600 screen. And in between all the hugeness, there’s swaths of whitespace. There’s a reason we got higher resolution, and it wasn’t so stupid Web 2.0 sites could fill it up with 2 inch tall letters in a typeface that doesn’t benefit from increased detail. This wasted space and ugliness in itself wouldn’t be so bad, if the rest of it was intuitive and simple like Twitter. Or even if it was complicated and customizable, but with the most commonly used features easily accessed like WordPress.

But no. There’s three different tab systems at least. What exactly is the difference between home, admin, profile, and account? I have no idea. So whenever I want to access anything, I end up clicking on all of them and hope I find the setting I’m looking for, if it exists at all.

You can connect the following services with your Disqus account: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, and Tumblr. But these aren’t the websites that you can put Disqus on. In fact, the only “connection” to these websites I see is a tiny icon on your profile page that links to them. The list of places you integrate Disqus with would be: Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, and Moveable Type. What’s the difference between connection and integration? They don’t explain. You have to add the sites yourself and then get frustrated when nothing shows up where you thought it would.

For each blog that you integrate Disqus with, Disqus makes a separate “community page”:,, etc. These are listed on, but distinct from, your Disqus profile, which is at (I think Disqus is the only modern “social networking” site that doesn’t automatically put your profile at Why?) So if you have multiple blogs under the same username like and, you’d have to use a naming scheme like and Of course, they don’t tell you this until you try to add another blog to your profile and they tell you that the short name is already taken by your other blog. And if you mess up, you can’t delete or rename these community pages either. You’re stuck and they show up on your profile forever. But they never tell you the point of the community page, and why it’s different from your profile page, and your account page, and settings page, and home page. So maybe it’s just useless and you can ignore it and the whole poor naming scheme.

Disqus has so many other poorly thought out and confusing aspects, I just want to get rid of it and forget it ever existed. Except I can’t. Because you’re not allowed to delete your Disqus account.

29 Responses to "Disqus sucks"

Wow, this is the longest rant about how much we suck I’ve ever read.

Sorry your experience with the service wasn’t what you expected. I agree with you on a few points, and it’s enlightening for me to read what confuses you.

If you’d like any help or would still like your account removed, just email me personally and I’ll take care of it:

Daniel Ha
Co-founder, Disqus

You have to love that the way to get your account removed is to email the founder. But only if the founder is trolling your blog.

Disqus blows. Never before have I used such a buggy piece of garbage in my life.

I found that not only does Disqus insist I allow its javascript, but when I reload the page having allowed javascript, more sites apparently want to use javascript. I haven’t tried for several months, and I no longer remember whether I ultimately succeeded in getting Disqus to let me comment. Seeing the comments-by-Disqus notice is now enough to terminate my interest in a blog.

Sent you an email Daniel. Hopefully you can explain this system to me.

I know this is old, but because of my very similar thoughts (Disqus sucks) I stumbled here and feel I need to throw in my two cents. Even after years it really still feels very buggy and flawed. I have no problems with the settings or anything like that, but I will find that it simply “doesn’t work”… a lot. I will have never ending “loading” animations, replies that I make that show up once I click to post, yet are gone when the page reloads and my Disqus dashboard has no record of…like it just disappeared. I can click on the “34 comments” and never actually get to see any of those comments unless I choose to order the discussion by newest or oldest (and it doesn’t change anything regardless of which I choose…but at least I can see them after that). I am not sure how it is considered acceptable to have a product that requires the user to fail in so many ways until you stumble upon some random method that somehow randomly works and just remember the non logical path you followed to get what should have just been there from the start. I love the general idea, but its just way too much of a headache to get it to do what it should just do on its own (since thats its only real function after all). It also is very often SOOOOO SLOOOOW. I can’t remeber the last time (before Disqus) that I felt my computer was slow at anything really, but with one webpage open and nothing else running and it will stutter and crawl along at a narcoleptic snails pace after a 10ish sentence long post is in process.

I tried to delete my account today…but Disqus won’t let me delete my account…and judging from this blog post it looks like it has been “temporarily disabled” for 4 years…

Disqus (“disgust”?) programmers must be the epitome of incompetence.
They have been “unable” to delete accounts for over 2 months now while they make “some changes”? Requesting assistance oR info has no result.
Are they merely INCOMPETENT MONKEYS, or is something more sinister going on here?!?!?!

LOL, just an update: It is STILL impossible to delete a Disqus(t) account, they still refer to it as a “temporary problem” with no estimate of when they’ll resolve it, and they still don’t respond to queries about this issue.
Apparently one must still email Daniel directly to delete an account.
Does this seem realistic or rational for a company whose web-presence is as large and significant as Disqus’ is?

I can’t even get my comments to load on Disqus so I don’t waste my time with them as it just makes me negative.

Disqus is Disqusting. *Bad pun*

Sorry if it’s the wrong topic but this is as close to one I could find that fits my problem so it’s the best deal I’ll get.

What the hell is this *password* thing Disgus is requiring? I have never gotten it to work and sometimes comments don’t load.

Looks like it’s 5 years later and Disqus is still the same piece of shit it has been since 2008. Talk about shit!

It’s 6 years later and Disqus is still the same piece of crap since 2008. Still can NOT remove or delete accounts…with the same incompetent inept fools at the helm…

They don’t provide any way of deleting comments from your inbox. Every time you go to your inbox you have to look at comments from people whom you’d rather delete. Usually the commenter is not even interested in the subject but is there only to pick fights. Can you imagine an email account inbox that did not allow some way to delete and, or block?!

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I click on Google to log in to my google account and disqus pops up instead and my password for google naturally doesn’t work. What is the problem..

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