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So what’s it gonna take, silver shadow believer?
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes

If what they say is true
You’re a boy and I’m a girl
I will never fall in love with you


I’m listening to my Pimsleur Japanese tapes again to keep up on my pronunciation, and it’s kind of hilarious and sad. In the lessons, “you”, presumably a white guy learning Japanese, practice having conversations with a Japanese person. The tapes tell what you say in English, and you’re supposed to say it in Japanese to practice the lessons. The current lesson deals with time and the negative form, so here’s the conversation in English:

White guy: Ms. Satou, would you like to drink something?
Japanese girl: Not Satou. Tanaka.
White guy: Sorry, Ms. Tanaka. But would you like to drink something with me?
Japanese girl: No, thank you. Not now. And not later.
White guy: But at 1 o’clock, okay?
Japanese girl: Not okay.
White guy: At 2 o’clock?
Japanese girl: No.
White guy: Later, at 8 o’clock.
Japanese girl: No.
White guy: Or, at 9 o’clock?
Japanese girl: No, no.
White guy: At what time?
Japanese girl: No, I don’t want to drink with you.
White guy: Ah, I understand now.
Japanese girl: Ah, you understand now, don’t you?
White guy: Ah, you don’t want to drink with me, do you? But you would like to eat with me, right? In a restaurant. 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock?
Japanese girl: Not 1 o’clock, not 2 o’clock. Not 8 o’clock, not 9 o’clock.
White guy: At what time?
Japanese girl: You don’t understand.
White guy: What don’t I understand?
Japanese girl: You don’t understand Japanese.



I am scattering little morsels of bait across teh intarwebs in hopes of catching some copacetic trout.

I had a dream about Louis Vuitton bags last night. But then I also had a dream I was living in the 16th century and my parents accidentally time-travel-copied themselves and ran into themselves in a dark transport tube and killed their copies, then tried to hide the bodies but were discovered and condemned as witches by the townspeople and sentenced to death along with me by burning while buried waist deep in the ground, only I was a chicken and my mother escaped carrying me and I was forced to be a fugitive from the law, hopping over backyard fences and through neighborhoods and finally up and down skyscrapers in elevators until a whole mob was after me and finally after countless close escapes I was tired of running and tired of being alone and a little Indian boy caught up with me with whom I promptly fell in love and we became partners in crime fleeing from the masses and exploring buildings until one day we were detailing our escapades on his bed and his mother became suspicious that I was the suspected witch and we were forced to flee again, this time to a movie studio where floors 17 through 34 were full of props and sets and we wandered about looking for food until a group of interns rushed up all laughter and joy to have a picnic on set and I hid with my lover in the bathroom her white skin dewey from the bath as one of the interns struggled with the doorknob and my heart thumped as she screamed in horror at the death marks that appeared on her wrist and I clutched her to my bosom, water dripping on me from her soaked gown as I cradled her head into my neck and she sobbed and I comforted her and rocked her and made soft cooing sounds and finally the interns left all but one and that one peeked through the door and looked me in the eye and then we all three of us knew this must never been spoken of to Anyone.

So, I guess that’s a wash.

Hello world!

I spent all day playing Lux Touch on my iPhone and it was good.

I signed up for a livejournal account so I could comment on someone else’s post. Then I tried to upload the avatar I use everywhere, but that was a mistake.

First I tried file upload. You have to use a crappy AJAX selection tool to choose which part of the picture you want to use, and nothing is selected by default. I want to use the WHOLE PICTURE. That’s why I uploaded that file! But fine, whatever, I’ll select it.

And then: you can’t adjust the selection. If you don’t choose the correct pixel to start with, you can’t fix just one dimension. You have to start over. So it’s basically impossible to select the entire picture. I ended up cutting off the top and left 5-ish pixels. Okay, fine.

But then it doesn’t even work. Any page I try to load with the picture on it just tells me it’s a broken link.

Okay, so let’s try the other option, remote URL load. Nope, my image is too big. 178 x 178 pixels instead of 100 x 100. But they didn’t warn me about this when I tried to upload the file. Apparently they can automatically resize uploaded files, but not files from a remote server.

Okay, I’ll resize the image, and try it again. Goes through without an error. BUT IT STILL DOESN’T WORK. It’s still a broken link. Goddammit. Every day I am a little bit happier that I’m on WordPress.

From the article: “The Energy Saver icon used to be an incandescent light bulb; Apple has replaced it with a compact fluorescent as a part of its quest to reduce the energy consumption of its icons.”

Wiley little File
Eludes you most handsomely
Whack that mouse harder

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