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NPR’s “This American Life” is my American life! They had this story about a lost girl when I was feeling lost. And then they had this story about a woman who went to Poland to find a family that had sheltered her mother during the Holocaust. Her grandfather was really grateful and let them live in their property and be the manager and collect rent, but it turned into this huge complicated thing. Because everybody’s really weird about housing, as I learned quickly this summer. I don’t understand what’s wrong with white people. I don’t know if it’s just my family or an Asian thing, but housing is guaranteed. We couldn’t even begin to think about kicking out someone staying with us, because it’s such a simple thing to provide and such an assy thing to do to someone. It’s such a completely foreign concept, I almost didn’t think it was possible, like carrying a credit card balance or buying a car on a payment plan.

The Economist is my politics too. Apparently it’s classically liberal, which I totally believe in. It’s like weak liberatrianism. I’m turning into a white person that likes stuff white people like. AKA, one of the non-sucky ones.

  1. Install HamachiX on desktop and laptop
  2. Click “Add” and enter a network name and password with “Create Network on Demand” on desktop and laptop
  3. Share iTunes, printers, files, Bonjour services, etc. from anywhere in the world as if on the same local network
  4. Nergasm ♥

Safari + Sogudi, with the following:

  • Shortcut: l (that’s a lowercase L, for “lucky”)
  • Destination URL:¬†’m+Feeling+Lucky


  1. Read interesting article or page
  2. Think of something else you want to read when you’re done
  3. Open new page in background with no clicking, mousing, or ever leaving the keyboard
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

One of the great signs of maturity is realizing that other people are different from you, and accepting that that’s okay. Meaning, you accept your own identity in the face of other people’s wills, and are no longer a spineless wimp being swayed by the barest breeze of dissonance, or an insecure loser trying out the latest and greatest just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Because everyone thinks “Oh if this weren’t true there would be a big backlash against it.” And then people don’t bother to contest it unless it’s blatantly unavoidably in-your-face false, and then people start thinking that it is really true, and the product moves to a new place in people’s consciousness.

First time going to the San Diego airport in years and years (maybe ever) and oh man is it suck. The only way into any of the terminals is on the complete opposite side from any of the closest freeways. And to get there from anything that’s not I-5, you basically have to take at least 2 miles of local toads through downtown to even get to the far side of the airport. And then you have to drive another 3 miles around to the side with all the terminals. I’m glad I went there on a weekday night when lot many people are going. I’d hate to think what traffic would be like on a weekend.

At least the road runs right by the harbor and is pretty to look at.

In Gmail’s ongoing saga of suckiness, I am no longer notified of incoming mail. New message counts don’t update and new messages don’t download unless I manually open the mailbox I’m checking.

On the plus side, for about 24 hours or so, spam messages in my Google spam mailbox were actually being marked as spam by Apple Mail before I had to open them. But then the other ones no longer got marked as spam, even after I opened them. Oh well.

Why do all the open source sites give you a billion mirrors to choose your download from? In the time it takes someone to glance over the page and realize that they have to choose a mirror, the download could have completed already. If these people are already spending so much time writing open source software, why can’t they just write a nice load balancer that automatically starts downloading from the closest/fastest mirror? Not to mention the laughingly-small chance that enough people would actually be interested in any of the files at the same time to even require multiple mirrors. Another sign of nerd brains just working differently.

My mom just bought some land in Lancaster as an investment. They had some sort of meeting today in City of Industry. It’s a room full of old middle class Chinese immigrants listening to a good-looking upstart 20-something in a tie tell them how much their land is going to be worth in 20 years. I can totally see Tyson as that guy.

Because you don’t gave to put in the effort to make them like you back. If you find a TV show you like, you just watch it, and there’s no pressure for you to present yourself in a way that’s congruous to their worldview.

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