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I hate that phrase. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s proceeded by emotional cajoling and blackmail. Make an seemingly genuine appeal to someone’s sense of empathy, then refuse all responsibility whatsoever for the decisions that result. Way to turn someone’s affections for you into their weakness. This excuse has recently made its way onto the list of things I have zero tolerance for, along with flakiness and wasting time. Fuck you, world.

The awesome thing about having an iPhone is that if you ever run out of battery somewhere, someone always has an iPod charger.

Why do iPhone apps look different everywhere? The name that shows up on my iPhone under the app’s icon is different from the name that shows up under the applications tab in iTunes, which is different from the name that the app calls itself when it opens…

The icons are different too. It’s annoying when I decide I’m done with an app and try to delete it in iTunes, but I can’t find it because it’s in a different place alphabetically and with a different icon than on my phone. 101 apps is a lot.


The gas station I live closest to in San Diego now has regular gas for $3.99 per gallon. Shocking! Now gas is cheap again.

Saw it while running at Oxy.


Posted on: August 5, 2008

Why does


echo 1/07;

give 0.14285714285714 while


echo 1/08;

gives “Warning: Division by zero in /Library/WebServer/Documents/test.php on line 9”?

Let it tear us apart.

I got Set (the game) for my iPhone. Well, sorta. It’s an unlicensed copy called 3-tuple, and it was free for the 24 hours or so it was in the store. I guess they pulled it for trademark infringement. This follows in the vein of other removed apps such as NetShare (violates ToS for tethering) and BoxOffice (no one knows why, possibly for pulling Rotten Tomatoes content without proper crediting?)

So, it pays to check the app store obsessively for new apps.

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